Marte puppy In 1990 I met my first Briard - and I found this was the breed for me. So I started to search for a briard puppy - almost two years later - the 23.November 1992 Marte was born at Kennel Seidemann - 13 weeks old she came home to me.
Marte always follow me to work - travelling by train or car. She is very calm and I can leave her outside a shop or a cafe - no need to tie her up. Marte in train
Marte 5 months old 5 months old
Marte's first winter holiday!
6 months old we went to the first puppy show
and Marte was BOB!
We continued going to dogshows
and 3 years old she was Norwegian Champion
Marte 6months
Marte in a boat Marte doesn't like to travel by boat
it makes her seasick!

Marte is very friendly to all people and other animals, even cats!
A good friend of her is Seidemann's Jørpe.
They have a lot of fun in the snow!
Marte & Jørpe
Isa & Marte Another friend is Isa

We also have a cat!
He always eat Marte's food!
Anyway she love cats!
Marte & Cat
Marte in tent In the summer we often walk in the
Norwegian mountains.
Marte have to carry her own food and cup!
Marte also like to pull the sledge! Marte with sledge
Marte 8 years Marte like to lie down eating her dinner
- using a loooong time.

In August 2000 Marte was run over by a car and was badly injured in head - she was sleeping in the courtyard when a visitor run over her.


Summer 2003 Marte got a haircut


Marte Sept 2003

11 years old.

Marte summer 2004
- still playfull - 12 years old.
Marte summer 2005
- and still playing with her ball


Marte left us 6th Mars 2006
more than 13 years old.